Spray Your Bugs Away (for Mature Audience, as usual!)

There are many ways to get rid of the pests and one of them is the bug spray.

I guess there is more than one way to use a bug spray: you can either spray the bugs with poison or torch them! But torching them will probably make you lose your natural habitat too! So please don’t try what you see at home.

I have discovered the extreme flammability of the bug sprays a while back, when I was chasing an illusive cockroach. I was running after it and spraying, and it ran and hid inside the wall mount water heater. So I sprayed in there and right then the whole thing exploded in my face! But unfortunately even that couldn’t get rid of my unibrow!

That can of spray could make such large fire balls. Now a days, fortunately I noticed that although they say “Extremely Flammable” on the bug sprays, the new cans are hardly flammable. I believe what they did is a combination of two things:

  • They added something to the liquid that helps the liquid particles coming out of the can to stick together in a larger droplet.
  • They designed the nozzles to shoot the liquid without atomizing the liquid too much.

Both the above improvements have helped avoiding the liquid to mix with air well enough to sometimes even create a flame.

So how is it that my can flames that well? I actually had to find a can with the most flammable liquid and change its nozzle to something that sprays the smallest droplets, and even this doesn’t make fireballs my bug spray of 15 years ago would make. What a pity!

You can’t believe how much smoke I had to remove from my washroom after taping this video! The damn fire burns very inefficiently and makes lots of smoke. I was hoping that I could use it to weld, but even that didn’t work as the fire is not burning as well and focused as the actual gas welding equipment. The fire ball is so big that you can’t bring you hand near to solder the two pieces.

I can think of one use: if you are stuck in the middle of a frozen waste land and left with a match and a can of bug spray, maybe you can melt ice and heat up water with it to drink, or take a shower! Just don’t set yourselves on fire!