How to Make an Electric Guitar… Or Die Trying! (The Hazards of Electricity)

Every once in a while you might want to make something new, Electric Guitar was one of them for me:

Well, later one of my friends who happens to know about musical stuff told me there is no electricity in an electric guitar, just mechanical stuff. It is all the amplifier that makes the electric guitar sound the way it does. Without it, the guitar sound just like a guitar!

In any case, it is very dangerous to touch any power line. You might not notice it, but the grim reaper is always standing by! Don’t worry about me, I know what I am doing! You don’t do it.

Here’s what can happen to you while getting electrocuted:

1) As I also showed before in my video “The Pain of Electricity”, the electrical current can contract muscles. One of the great dangers of touching the electricity is causing the contraction, which could disable your reaction to it. For example your hands may close holding the live wires. A very short instance of electricity my not be lethal, but it will kill if you can’t let go of it. Or like I showed, it can throw you across the room, or out of the window, or down a ladder, etc… which will hurt or kill. They use tasers to disable people after all!

2) Even small amounts of electricity can be lethal. The skin is a great barrier against electricity and limits the electrical current a lot. But if something with electricity pierces through the skin, even small amounts of electricity could generate greater current, and they say around 5mA through the heart can cause a cardiac arrest. Then you will have to shock the heart to bring it back!

3) If the electrical power is huge, like the city power posts, then the death is imminent! DO NOT TOUCH THOSE! It will kill you so fast you won’t have time to say ZAP!

4) The issue with AC is that even if you isolate yourself from ground, you may still feel it depending on the power level. And that may surprise you. If you are above a ladder, that might be enough to startle you and make you fall.

5) DC electricity hurts differently. If it is high enough, it pretty much cook the tissues. Also it will electrolyze the water into oxygen and hydrogen and that can build bubbles in your blood. And off course bubble in blood = death!

So if you really want to work on some electrical stuff:

1) Make sure you understand what you are dealing with

2) Make sure to disconnect the power

3) Make sure to wear isolating gloves if there is a slight chance of power turning on while you are working

4) Understand all the ground paths around you

5) Wear isolating foot wear

6) Stay safe

7) Don’t shove a nail in the power plug!

And finally, here’s a GIF of when the shock can through you around:

When Leg muscles contract due to the shock...

When Leg muscles contract due to the shock…