Making an Anti-Peh (Pop-Filter or Pop-Shield)

Have you ever tried to sing into a microphone and realize your “Peh”s are creating loud pop sound? Well make an Anti-Peh!

The microphone is very similar to human ear: it has a diaphragm that is moved by the air vibrations. Now the “P” sound create pretty much a wind like wave at low frequencies  lower than 10Hz. Such high pressure wind causes the microphone diaphragm to saturate and it records loud pops.

Now an Anti-Peh is simply a mesh or thin fabric that doesn’t block higher frequency audio, but then blocks the low frequency by dispersing it’s energy in different directions and significantly removes the pop. This is something that is used by all professional singers.

So here you have it. By the way maybe you are wondering what I meant by the “Knock on Roof” technique used by Israeli army. As of these days (around the date of this post of course), there has been another conflict between Israel and Palestine, as usual.

It is of course a war and both sides fight, with obvious advantage of Israeli army. But I cannot understand why Israel is bombing civilian houses sometimes. There is no reason in a war to attack civilians and kill defenseless people, especially children.

This is a complicated situation and some people say Hamas is using people as human shield, which might be true. I don’t trust Hamas with anyone’s life.

But Israel has a much more advanced technology, backed by US, and can be much more patient towards Palestinians. Throw one bomb as response for a bomb Hamas Throws. The Iron Dome that blocks Hamas missiles is quite effective. That should give more reason to Israel to be patient.

But what it seems like is that Israel attacks much more aggressively and this somewhat points out that Israel uses Hamas moves as an excuse to make more damage to the area. With the Israel background of illegally building homes inside Palestinian territory and forcing their way in, I cannot believe Israel has set their mind on peace.

You may say I am biased. Well I’m not. I don’t like those Hamas militants at all. I know they are also trying to throw Israelis out, but wasn’t this war going on for 3500 years now, every time one was stronger than the other?

If I were a strong country, I would just fight with the bad guys and finish them. I would never hurt civilians, no matter where they were from. You know, the kids that are raised under these conditions will grow to fight back, as all they remember is the pain they had to go through when they were kids. So this cycle will never end if somebody doesn’t stop it now. And I am looking at the stronger side for this.

Every one should accept each other as equals and treat each other fair, or else it doesn’t matter how strong Israel gets. The fight will go one forever with people on all sides living in constant fear. One may think 3500 years of that should be enough. After all, we are all Middle Eastern brothers from the same father!

Anyways, here are a few videos of the Knock on Roof Israelis use to warn the civilians before they destroy their homes:

Hope all wars end and all children are forever safe.