For YouTubers: Why Not to Go with YouTube Network Providers Like BroadBand TV (Viso)

(Please also see my latest update at the end)

This article is mainly a review of BroadBandTV (Viso) and is something that YouTubers can relate to and may not make sense to you if you are not. But at the same time it may make you want to become one!

First I tell you a little about how making money on YouTube works. If you already know that, skip to my story of BroadBand TV further below.

All of you have seen those pesky advertisements that run on YouTube videos. Of course YouTube or in fact Google makes money off of those. What you may not know if you are not a YouTuber like me, is that content providers like me who make videos are also paid a portion of the money Google makes out of the advertisements. The money we YouTubers make is dependent on many things:

  • First of all, we make money if somebody clicks on the ads, and there are not many. According to my experience only 3% of the advertisements played on videos (monetized views) are clicked on.
  • Not all videos are monetized. Nowadays people play videos much more on mobile phones where advertisement doesn’t play on most of them, and also some people block ads.
  • The amount of monetized views also depends on the content. If the target audience is old people or people in countries where people use mobile phones much less, the chances are more of the videos played are monetized.
  • Also Google may block ads to play on some videos because of sensitive content, etc.
  • My content usually brings me above 50% monetized views when I am with Google Adsense system.
  • Every click brings me anywhere from 5 to 10 cents.

So statistically speaking as what I experienced with Google, I would receive close to $1 for every 1000 total views, which would include monetized and non-monetized views. I also have 3 videos out of 20 so far that don’t play ads on them at all.

There are some terms like RPM that you should know about. RPM basically means the amount of money you would receive per 1000 monetized view (not all the views). Before joining Broadband TV, Google reported that my RPM was $1.77.

Considering that I received close to $1 per 1000 total views, that would mean that I would at least have close to 56% monetized views.

My Story with BroadBand TV (BBTV or Viso)

Well, I can’t speak for all these YouTube Network companies, but I can definitely speak for BroadBand TV (BBTV or Viso) which is a large company at that. To make it simple they sucked and made me lose money! Let me elaborate:

Like all these other providers, Viso people approached me saying that I would make good money, better than what Google Adsense paid me. They said I would receive $3 to $15 per 1000 views. And considering I was making just close to $1 per 1000 views, I thought that was a great deal. But I pushed further for more information and asked them to confirm the numbers, and they confirmed that the RPM would be $3 to $15 depending on the time of year, etc. So that would mean $3 to $15 per 1000 of monetized views, not total views.

I wasn’t quite familiar with the meaning of RPM at the time and I thought that was the total views. My bad! But then when I realized it, it was still not a bad deal as according to Google itself my RPM was $1.77 and $3 to $15 RPM was a great deal.

Still I pushed them for a temporary trial period as I wanted to make sure this wouldn’t cause me grief, as it did. They sent me the contract and I realized that it was binding (you are stuck with it until the contract ends). So I asked them if I could break the contract if I want to, and they told me to let them know and they would release me. Me being the trusting kind, accepted their offer. My initial contract was a 70% / 30% split between me and BBTV (70% me).

First of all, I lost my daily income visibility right away. I could not know how I was performing until the end of next month. So I patiently waited for a long while and no matter how much I asked them to give me a rough estimate of what I made like Google always would, they didn’t.

After that long while I received my report and realized my RPM was $2.83 and my monetized views were only less than 25% of the total views. This means that although the RPM was increase from $1.77 to $2.83 (60% more), my monetized views were cut in half. To break even with YouTube, my RPM should have doubled , and so I lost over 20% of my income. I talked to them and complained and they explained that their usual monetized views rate is also 50% and this might have been an anomaly.

Well, although the RPM was lower than their promised range of $3 to $15, I thought maybe next month the monetized views would go back over 50% like before.

Next month: the RPM dropped to $2.75 and the monetized views only increased to 30%. And so I lost over 10%.

So I complained and asked to terminate my contract like they promised. There was a bunch of back and forth and some higher level people in the company got involved and we had a meeting.

  • They said the person who made that promise to me was no longer with the company (fired?) but since he made the promise, they wanted to do their best.
  • They insisted that monetized views are not controlled by them and is fully in control of Google. And that I should give them more chance to get more data to see if the trend continues.
  • They said if I was really unhappy they would let me go.
  • And also they offered a new 6 month contract with a 80% / 20% split so I would make more money and this lower income would be covered.
  • The 6 month contract was actually a trial term, something they didn’t tell me right at the beginning when they made me sign a one year contract.

I asked them to terminate the contract and let me be with Google again for a while to see if the trend would match theirs. Although I was insisting on termination, they pushed so hard and convinced me to stay a but longer to gather a bit more data. You don’t believe how much they pushed, and considering the new split, I would at least break even, right?!

I signed the contract that would start one month after the meeting.

Next month of 70% / 30% split: RPM dropped to $2.43 and monetized views around 30%.

First month of 80% / 20% split: RPM was raised to $3.15 and 30% monetized views. Well, now that would mean close to the minimum of Google payment (56% monetized views). But in fact this would mean $0.945 per 1000 total views and like I said with Google I was at that level already, so why would I go through the trouble?

I called them again and told them that I am not happy at all and I wanted to terminate. After lots of back and forth and delay, they said I couldn’t. They said because I signed a new contract, it meant that I was happy with the terms. Didn’t they say I could terminate if I was really unhappy? All my efforts went no where and the responded the same, and so I got stuck.

And guess what, the next month RPM was $2.33 with 30% monetized views. This trend went the same and my RPM was always close to average $3 and monetizes views at 30%. I was with them for around 8 months total and lost some good portion of my income. So I pledged to write about this and expose their lies. Of course I wouldn’t do this before gathering some data being back at Google and making sure the numbers are back to normal. So:

Back with Google Adsense

I gathered information for 27 days so far and I’m happy to tell you that I have made $1.11 per 1000 total views since my return, which is above my original thought from Google.

This would mean if the monetized views were 30% like at BBTV (Viso) my RPM should have been $3.7, which I never got from them.

Or if I go with Google’s report of $1.77 RPM, I should have 62.7% monetized views, which I think is more likely. The monetized views dropped significantly at BBTV (Viso).

So in any case, BroadBand TV (Viso) with their best split of 80% / 20% during the 8 months I was there were never able to beat a single month with Google.

Of course I haven’t had an official report from Google since I returned and I will update this if I realize the data if different.

Here’s my final thought: never trust this Network people, stay with the good old Google. Maybe consider these networks if they provide a solid performance record for their previous months for similar content as yours and provide you with a non-binding contract that you can terminate any time.

I mean, if according to these people you will make more money than Google, then why is their contract binding? Why would you want to leave if you make more money? It is a sign they are lying in your face! Forget them!


In order to make a more solid comparison, I recorded my earnings from BBTV and Google in the same month of November 2013. I canceled my account with BBTV on Nov. 13 and switch to Google.  So almost half a month was with BBTV and the rest with Google. In any case, since I take a ratio of the income versus the 1000 total views, it wouldn’t matter how many views I had with each. But I had 50% more views with BBTV than Google as my video in that period with BBTV was watched more.

The results are: 0.52$ per 1000 total views with BBTV, and over $1.1 per 1000 total views with Google. So it is safe to say that you will lose money if you go with BroadBandTV. Stay away!

125 thoughts on “For YouTubers: Why Not to Go with YouTube Network Providers Like BroadBand TV (Viso)

  1. No offense to anyone on here, but this is why is cannot be overstated how important it is to thoroughly review a contract before signing. Also, do not trust anything said verbally or over the phone, you need to have everything in writting. For example the part in the article about terminating the contract, that absolutely needs to be in the contract!

    Joining with a group like Broadband is a business deal, and just like any business deal, it should be reviewed and made sure as much as possible that the arrangements are beneficial for each party.

    Youtube is great in that it allows thousands of people to make a living off creating videos. But at the same time, it can place alot of people who have zero business experience deep into the business world.

  2. Hiya, I’m completely the same with BBTV – I’m lucky enough to be coming out of my contract after 2 years, today!! I was just wondering if someone could help me out – because I’ve been with BBTV, will I need to sign up as a new person to AdSense? what do i do to make sure I’m still monetized, but through adsense rather than bbtv!? please help!

  3. I have the same problem with this network, I was totally scammed with this 2 years contract, i have this month canceled the access of BBTV to my channel, the network send me this email :
    Please note that we will be withholding all your future payments until you have cancelled your request, or we have recouped our termination fee (referred to below), whichever comes first. If you have not cancelled your request within the next 30 days, and BBTV’s access to your channel is in fact removed, we will treat this as a breach and may choose to treat it as a termination of your contract with us, which will result in us retaining a reasonable amount, as a termination fee, to compensate us for your breach. This amount will be based on a reasonable estimate of the financial damages we will incur due to the early termination of your contract. Further information regarding this amount can be obtained from one of our Partner Experience Representatives.
    We value your partnership and hope we can help resolve this matter with you.
    So what do you think about this ?
    ANd thank you for your Article.

  4. I had received a message from BBTV when my channel was still under 6 months old and the woman I was writing to was very vague on what BBTV actually did for their clients. More viewers, better exposure, assistance with meta tags and that it was a 1 year “agreement”. In my experience, an “agreement” isn’t as intimidating as a contract, but it’s the same thing. They offered 70%/30%, claiming I would get more views.

    A little research has definitely reinforced my decision not to sign. It appears that the vast majority of people who sign are in the dark for at least a month, if not two, before they get any numbers from them, only to see they are waaaaaay lower than promised.

  5. I’ve been with BroadBandTV for around 3 or 4 years now and they wrote a special contract for my channel that allows 90/10 split. They actually treat me quite well. My channel is Gaming Palooza Empire, and I’ll be sticking with them as long as they provide the contract that I want.

    • Hi Joseph,

      What is the minimum amount I’ll need to make so that BroadbandTV (Social Blade) would pay out? My current network (GTChannel) pays out at $100 and I read on the Social FAQ that they need content creators to make a minimum of $20.

  6. I have not got my first cheque from BBTV since I did join them. This is not the first time I use to work in their coordination department for recruiting channels I recruit every single rap battle league to their site and never got paid.

    May15th it says they will pay me for the first time. Lets see if money comes. Last time they stole all my contacts and never paid me a dime for my time. I will go back to my old revenue share with RecStudios if I do not see any payments…

  7. Cool article. I’m sorry to hear you got screwed by those guys, but it seems that many others have been given the opportunity to learn from your experience.
    You’re awesome, Mehdi, and your videos/articles are a great service.
    Keep doing what you do. =)

  8. As an Iranian woman, I am ashamed of BroadbandTV’s practices. They falsely claim copyright on Iranian old movies to milk the public. These movies are stolen from Iran and must be part of public domain.

  9. May I ask…how did your actual earnings compare. Because your whole article talked about how much you made per 1000 views but if BBTV got you more views then the lower income per 1000 might not matter as much. For instance if you earned half as much per 1000 but they tripled your overall views then you would end up with more money. And you said at the end when you spent half a month with them and half with Google that your views were higher during the time with them. So how many more views did they get you? And was it enough to cover the lower $ per 1000 views rate?

    • I say per 1000 views, because my total views would depend on the content and how it is shared. They did not get me any more views. So I would get the same total views either way.

  10. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Stories like yours are the reason why I haven’t signed up for an MCN. You lose a lot of control and there is no way of knowing how it’s gonna work out.
    Unfortunately, a lot of YouTubers aren’t as skeptical and believe that signing with an MCN will somehow make them YouTube stars.

    • It’s because we’re promised increased exposure and collaboration opportunities. the collabs don’t require a network and no large youtube will collab with a small one no matter what, with the network or not. so really you’re just wasting money

  11. God bless you and sorry about your experience. These people have been bugging me for years and I never trusted them. Something didn’t smell right from th get go and I even stray from the supposed Google Reps who email me wanting to helping me out (so they say). I’m like, “who are you people?”

    I just count my blessings and roll on doing what I do. I’m no famous YouTuber but let’s just say it’s great money.

    • I wish I had read your article before. I wasn’t saved unfortunately. My BBTV partnership is turning into a nightmare. They do absolutely nothing expect for sending me passive followers which is ridiculous. It makes me look so bad, like I bought them. Because they don’t watch anything. I wanted to quit but they wouldn’t let me. That’s how they make their money: By forcing unhappy Youtubers to sit out their time. Stay away from BBTV, never partner up with BBTV!

  12. Thank you for information. It helped me a lot.
    BBTV also approached me so I was happy that someone out there knows my channel.
    Before I contact with them I wanna know what kind of network they are and what they do so I searched google and found your post.
    I have learned through youtube video that it is better to stay away from network.
    Previous years, they offered musics & connection etc. but these days youtubers can get music as long as they pay little money. Since youtubers can do most of it by themselves (finding music, sponsors.. etc), there is no need to contract with network. Anyways I do not want anyone to involve in my channel and take money for what they are doing for me. I prefer to do my own and I do not want to have another boss or controller 🙂 that is the reason why I start to create channel and get away from Boss. 🙂

    • I was literally in the same predicament, so I googled bbtv and this review came up (funnily enough I watch his videos on youtube as well haha). SO glad I read this before signing with them, because this is definitely changed my mind on signing up with them

  13. Hello and thanks for this article.
    I was recently contacted by BBTV. I looked for more outside info on them and found this page. Now I have yet to Monetize my youtube channel but considering doing so after over 2 year of a slow build up of 5,546 subscribers • 1,610,690 total views.
    My questions are:
    1. Can I still monetize a video if I use partial karaoke version of a known (certainly licensed) song within it? I mean couldn’t I just work out they just get paid part any money made or could they stop it / reject its usage? I mean I am okay right now not making money on that video and just giving the credit to who the song is written and performed originally by.

    2. When I had ran a Google Ad Campaign through Google AdSense for several months a year back I was paying $$ to Google for that. If I monetize with Google do they supply free campaigns or is that only something a MCN would do?

    3. I noticed BBTV has grown since this article & your experience and perhaps offers a lot more tools, big clients, and exposure. Just wondering if anyone has had more current experiences dealing with them?

    Thank You!! – James G.

    • 1) if you make a video that uses someone else’s work, google can detect it and disable monetization on it. It is out of BBTV hand and google directly manages those.
      2) Adword is a different service and you still have to pay for it.
      3) I still don’t trust them!

      • Thank you. I won’t try to monetize that video then.
        I would like to get the exposure and not so worried about the amount of money right now. Just want to get a service that will
        help me get more presence. That is why I tried AdWords out which helped but was a little $$$.
        Will Monetizing with Google provide me with that or do I have to use an MCN without having to pay out? I value your experience and help. – James G.

        • If you are asking for presence and not money, then you don’t need anybody except youtube, or whatever platform works better for you.

          • Not exactly what I was trying to say. I am looking for a service that provides forms of advertising / exposure for my Channel / Videos on youtube along with pay. I want to build it up a bit more without having to pay out of my pocket. If an MCN will do that for me and take the $ out of what I’ll make to cover their costs that would be great.

    • Actually, it depends on the artist. In the FAQs on YouTube, there’a a database of artists and songs. Some songs are eligible for revenue sharing if it’s a live performance or rendition of the song. You get part of the revenue, and the original artist/copyright holder gets part.

  14. so i am an indian youtuber and i got approached by BBTV im not sure if i should take it up also my channel is just 3months old so m not sure please guide

    • Well, if you can get google adsense directly then do that. But if google doesn’t give you the account, BTV, Fullscreen or other networks could be your only chance to get money.

  15. Hello
    Thanks for this post. I got contacted from BroadBand TV.
    I have several channels.
    some of them are very active and some are not.
    because they contacted me by e-mail to several different channels with the same writing style, i decided to check comments about this company.
    thanks again for the article and the comments of friends. I learned a lot.

  16. The part about making money… that is not how it works. People do not have to click on the ads for you to get money. It is based on CMP (Cost Per Mile), or every 1000 impressions of the ad.

  17. This article is exactly what’s wrong with YouTube content creators. You all expect networks to make you a shit ton of money, bring you the subscribers, viewers and so on.

    IT DOESN’T WORK LIKE THAT. If your content is shit, they can’t really help you. Networks were created for those who understand how YouTube work and through their tools, access and help (which is exclusive to bigger channels that 99% of YouTubers can only dream of) you can do many great things. You’re talking as if YouTube ads are the only way you can make money – what a bunch of nonsense! You can advertise products for companies or land different sponsors who just want their website to be plugged in description (although Google doesn’t like this anymore), you could do reviews, you can sign up for affiliate deals and so on.

    Please people, don’t be stupid – BBTV is not the reason his CPM was lower. CPM depends on many things and measuring it from month to month is WRONG. Come on, December is the best month CPM-wise and he compares it to what he was making in e.g. May. Just…. don’t take this article seriously, I beg you, lol (minus the BBTV is bad part, that became true over the years). Also, just to make sure you won’t think I’m from BBTV – I’m not, but I am partnered with them and I’m actually leaving them next month due to poor communication despite having a channel manager assigned to us. About to hit 100k subs next month and BBTV became horrible, they’ll do NOTHING for small channels.

  18. It really pays to do your own research. If you really just joined because of pay then I understand why you’re upset. Having an MCN has many opportunities, it’s just about you and what you want out of it. You should’ve asked more questions other than how much PROMISED money you would make. An MCN cannot give an estimate of what you will make since your views change hourly, daily, weekly, etc. you cannot expect $15 every 1000 views if your channel isn’t consistently getting millions of views. I wouldn’t suggest someone go by this article. You must do the work in order to get that high pay. It pays to do research.

  19. Hi, I am a newbie on Youtube and BBTV approached me as well. If I’m not planning to make money on Youtube, can i consider joining them? I want to access free music library so badly =(

      • Epidemic Eound is 10 times better then YT music library. I came to bbtv only for that. But now I see that many of better MCNs have access to ES library also .. And you can use ES without any MCN, just pay 20 euros per month directly to them. You can download 200 track per week.

    • As an Iranian woman, I am ashamed of BroadbandTV’s practices. They falsely claim copyright on Iranian old movies to milk the public. These movies are stolen from Iran and must be part of public domain.

  20. I just received an email invitation from BBTV and decided to learn about the company. I’m glad I found this post. I will avoid them and not waste my time. Much thanks!

  21. I’ve been with for awhile and super happy. They have a dedicated support staff and while they are a music focused mcn they have helped me a lot with my gaming channel and using electronic music.

  22. I got approached by BBTV, and I’m doing my research on different companies. I have had trouble with AdSense for ICA; random videos of mine get 2,000 views in a day (usually in Russia) & then my account is suspended for a month. I am 100% not involved in any bullshit invalid click activity on my own channel, but am afraid they may terminate my account if it happens again. So even though BBTV seems to give you a smaller amount of money, I am considering going with them so I can actually talk to people about this issue instead of a robot.

    Also, I read somewhere that Fullscreen will take you if you are averaging 30,000 views a month. Was that your experience?

    • I prefer Fullscreen over BBTV. The money they provided was at least similar to Google, then there is the split.

      I don’t know what is minimum requirement to go with Fullscreen. They invited me and I tried them. Good people in general.

      One note though, if youtube blocks your video for advertisement for some reason, going with other networks usually won’t unblock that video. You would have to resolve your issue with google.

      I don’t know why google does that, they may have a robot that tries to block suspicious activity to protect their advertisers. If you are not making great money from adsense and don’t need it right now, disable advertisement on your videos and resolve your issue with google. Then become bigger with lots of views and wider viewer spread. Then enable your ads and that way the smaller suspicious activities wouldn’t trigger a problem. And when you are bigger, actual Youtube people talk to you.

    • Please hear me out: you’ll do better for yourself WITHOUT an MCN. Just stick with Google/YouTube/AdSense. There’s no benefit in this for most people because you’ll still do all the work, the tools will not do much for you anyway, and you’d basically be throwing dollars out the window. I’m speaking from experience; don’t bother making the same mistake that now I’m about to throw money at an attorney and start a campaign to raise awareness to other creators. Please stick with YouTube/AdSense.

      • Hey If you dont mind, is there a way you can contact me so we can talk more in depth about this..Im in the process of communicating with MCN reps and different companies and I would like some insight on what to do and what not to do, and if I should even sign a contract. My twitter is @JGip if you would like to chat! (just let me know who you are lol)

    • fullscreen will take on people with 100 subs or more but we’ve been with them over a year and i’ve never spoken to anyone from there ever mainly because i’ve had no reason to but to the credit of the fullscreen community when they post one of our videos they tripple in viewership. sorry for punctuation and hope this helped!

  23. Hey man thanks for sharing but I have some serious problem I asked many people no one has answer please if you can help me

    Ok I m a youtuber with somewhere 470 subs yeah my subs are not great but I get tremendous amount of vies I get like 8k to 14k views daily and average somewhere 10k you can say I don’t know I’m earning damn low I used to get 0.40 to 0.60 rpm earlier as it was low too but after from some days as my views are increasing earning is decreasing I got like 0.25 just per 1000 views I don’t know what should I Do every people used to get like 1$ per 1k views but don’t know what the problem is with mine I’m getting too good views and earning too low if you can help me I don’t know why I’m with adsence from start my most views comes from phillipines, Brazil and u.s if u can help me what should I do or should I join MCN or it would get more lower of i join them I’m just pissed off with this if you can help me with this situation would be great.

    • I suspect if you joins networks you wold not get any more than what you are getting now. What I noticed with my views is that when my views surge as I post a new video, my earning also drops. but when the wave settles it goes to around $0.70 per 1000 views. This year youtube paid less to creators as last year it was more like $1/1000 views or above. Also it very much depends on your content and audience. Like if your videos are targeted to audience of a specific country in which they don’t work much with youtube in terms of advertising, you will have views from that country but not much money from ads. So your earning would change based on your viewers.

    • How many videos are those views divided between. I’ve noticed much higher rates for single videos that get a lot of views instead of many videos that get fewer views, it might be advertising priorities for more popular videos. For an example a video getting 5000 views daily could get $1.50 per 1000 views but a video getting 200 views could get $0.20 per thousand

  24. Hey thanks for the insight!! i am a very new youtuber ! have less than 100 subscribers and i was approached by these peopl! since im so new and dont have that many views or subscriber i am not qualified for a youtube partnership program

    Also at this stage im NOT THINKING money, im thinking exposure where i can put my videos and try to get more views and eventually more subscribers ! so what do you think? will joining this will help me atleastr get more views? DId you get more views and more subscribers once u joined them?

    • I did not get any more views or subscribers with these people or others. You would do better on your own if you are not thinking immediate money. Unless you need some guidance, which you can find online anyways.

  25. YouTube disabled my monetization…. I got a monetization ban… I have 300$ on bbtv.. Will I get paid from bbtv ?
    Help guys by replying

    • If you have money at BBTV, they will pay you. Unless they have o return that money to google because you did something wrong.

  26. lol this must be paid by google 😀 Firstly, it is total bullshit that you cant see your earnings with bbtv, ever heard of VISO Catalyst? It is tool where you see all stats from YT and even more.. Secondly, you have probably pretty small channel since I got 90/10 contract with thanks to bhaving bigger channel and my CPM is like 3 times more than I had with Google… Just sayin 🙂

  27. i’ve been offered a 60/40 1 year trail with bbtv and was wondering if you saw an increase on subscribers,likes,comments ect. also how would this affect me signing if i dont make money from youtube to begin with? if you can get back to me that would be brilliant =) thnx!

    • For me there wasn’t any service to help boost subscribers or views. I don’t think there is any that help with that.
      If you don’t make any money from youtube, this will help you make some money, so it is a plus. But try to negotiate for better split, and also try FullScreen. I tried them for 6 months and they were better IMO.

      • I got approached by BBTV, and I’m doing my research on different companies. I have had trouble with AdSense for ICA; random videos of mine get 2,000 views in a day (usually in Russia) & then my account is suspended for a month. I am 100% not involved in any bullshit invalid click activity on my own channel, but am afraid they may terminate my account if it happens again. So even though BBTV seems to give you a smaller amount of money, I am considering going with them so I can actually talk to people about this issue instead of a robot.

        Also, I read somewhere that Fullscreen will take you if you are averaging 30,000 views a month. Was that your experience?

  28. I have been approached by numerous networks over the last couple of years, so decided to do a search on them and this blog came up. I get over 300K views a month and make good money from my hobby. Sometimes we think we can make a bit more LOL. Thanks for sharing your experience. I know it’s miserable but because of your experience, they at least lose all us other “suckers” that did a bit of searching before signing. Good ole Adsense eh. I wish you success. Peace.

  29. So i’ve been with google for a month now and only a month and I’ve earned £323.70 that’s way more than I ever earned from any network, i’m glad Google invited me to join them to earn money it was well worth it and i’m not sure I will leave them.

    PS: You used to be able to easily join google adsense with your youtube account but most the time you have to wait for Youtube to actually invite your to google adsense, google adsense is what you would call being partnered by youtube them selves, and seeing as the platform your making money off is youtube, who better to trust but them?

    • You might want to try FullScreen though. I tried them for a little and they were paying the same level as google (I don’t think anyone of them actually pay more as they claim), and take some percentage away from you as usual. But in return they have good connection that can bring you business which may make you more money. It is good for people that don’t qualify for google adsense on their own and need to join a network to make money.

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  31. I were in Freedom there CPM was 60/40. My CPM was about 8$ or like so, I left that network and i’m direct monetized by Google, now my CPM is about 9.98$ And I’m doing that ALONE without a network.
    Is there any difference between a Network and beign alone?
    I lefted hmm on 9/4/2015 and now on 25/4/2015 I have revenue about 4123$ (Is from 23 loaded) now probably is over 5k.
    Anyway many I guess network recruiters scared me that beign alone will terminate my channel, my question is: Why?
    I want to know many details about this, thank you!

    • Google will not terminate accounts that make money for them. Why should them?! Unless that account infringes google laws and rules, like copyright. Otherwise there shouldn’t be a reason to be scared. In any case, your account belongs to google and they can terminate it if you are alone or not.

    • It happened many years ago, when I applied to have an Adsense account for a website I made. They reviewed it and gave me an account. It was probably simpler back then

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  33. Thanks so much for your article! My question about all of this is though, did you notice a significant increase in the number of subscribers while you were signed up with Viso? Some of their promotional info show examples of channels who got 40k to 80k more subscribers within 6 to 10 months of being with the network.
    I honestly would be ok with earning less cents per 1000 views and getting more subscribers. I currently have less than 5000 subscribers, so I feel that if Viso can help me get more subscribers, that would make up in the long run for the less income per 1000 views… Thanks in advance

    • They personally had no effect on my subscription rate. They cannot bring you subscribers in strange ways, but only in regular ways or sharing the videos and hope for the best. Real subscribers subscribe because they like the content. So if your content is good and you share it well, it will go viral and you will find many subscribers. You can post your videos on websites like REDDIT under proper sub-reddits and people will pick it up if they like it. Probably the examples by VISO were people who were able to create good content that went viral while they were with VISO. And you can do that on your own too.

    • If you have a contract with them, it is binding. So you will have to wait until your term ends. Email their customer service one month before the term ends, or even earlier, to let them know you are terminating at the end of the term.

    • Well mainly, they take a portion of the youtuber’s money. But then they say they will increase that profit so much that the youtuber makes even more money, although they take a portion. Because they have so many youtubers under their wing they can provide significant views for youtube and so they have the power to negotiate a better income from youtube. But so far I still doubt it that the majority of them are actually useful to the youtuber.

  34. Thanks for this. Only wish I’d found it sooner. I signed with them 3 months ago. I got a non-lock in, but I suspect they may resist. My CPM for the past 2 months was a huge $15-$20 so I was super happy! However after releasing a video that got over 5000 (overall) views in around a week it suddenly plummeted to $6-$7 and has been steadily dropping since. another video with 2000+ views and a monetised view increase over 1000? Still dropping. I admit I don’t fully understand all this yet, but it doesn’t look right to me. After reading this I have decided to gather more information and make a decision. Thank you for the great advice

    • Well that’s pretty good! My CPM was always around $3, which was still higher than google CPM. Bet the other problem was that the number of monetized views dropped to half. So I lost money. If you were making money on Adsense before, compare it to the report you get from these guys and see if these guys are higher. I earn around $1/1000 total views. In your report divide your income to total views and see how it compares. Of course this all depends on your content and audience too.

        • They shouldn’t I suppose, but my income was cut to half with these guys and went back to even more than double when I exited their service. I have signed up with Fullscreen now, which look better, but seems like the income is around the same as Adsense (at least not bad) but they take their percentage on top of it. My question is, why do they promise better income with their premium ads, while they can’t make a difference?

  35. Hi, I’m also with Viso right now and my 1-year contract will end in mid-August. I’m planning to terminate my contract since I feel like I get less income, or the same at least, with Viso than when I’m with google. I was wondering how could I terminate the contract? Do I just e-mail them saying I don’t want to re-new the contract? And how about the payment for the month of July and August? Thank you 🙂

    • You have to email hem a month before termination and let them know when you want to terminate. They will pay for all the months you have been with them. So no worries there.

  36. I have just signed up on six month trial with BBTV where I get to keep all revenue during that period, then a 60/40 split on everything over $5. As I get to keep the first five dollars of CPM.

    My CPM has risen to $13.92c from around $3.20c in two weeks. My Youtube / Adsense had around $90 estimate for the first half of June 2014, upon signing up with BBTV which appears to be wiped out, if Google forward that credit to my Adsense balance then I will consider it a miracle! more money for the share-holders.

    Like most people I have worked hard to get the channel moving on Youtube until around spring 2013 adsense revenue was growing year on year, then it has fallen to around 25% of the previous years monthly adsense earnings.

    I have nothing to lose by going with BBTV / Viso, as Google now act as god.

    Therefore a network is the only way to get ahead on Youtube, as networks get the majority of Adsense advertising. Over four years now with Youtube and I am treating it as pension fund from now on & supplement my income by making DVD’s & odd jobs.

    I have though, had the last laugh though on Google, as I have stubbled into perhaps the Holy Grail of Youtube? and that is to get free video exposure via Adwords, currently getting 2m free views each month or $200,000 of free exposure. And there is noway that Google could ever take $200K from me and my channel, unless I live to be 150 which is very unlikely? but probably my luck!

    One person’s, good or bad experience of either Google or BBTV / Viso is not a reliable source to make a decision? I went into BBTV as it is the Number 4 network on Youtube & almost 20,000 channels surely can’t be wrong?? And there ain’t too many bad reviews of BBTV / Viso. Which has recently received an investment of $34m in private equity.

    • Hi Alzo,
      Are you telling me currently you are making $200k a month with 2million free views you get through Adwords? First of all, that is like 100 times more than what adsense pays (roughly $1/1000 total views, although recently it is closer to $1.5) and second, why would adwords give you 2million free views? If 2million people actually visited your channel from adwords, it means adwords showed your ad to 200million people! Your comment sounds like those SPAM get rich schemes! Send me your youtube channel and I’ll check it out.

      • Hi Medhi,

        The 2m Adwords views are not monetized ad impressions, I simply get the free views and extra subscribers. Last month almost 600 new subscribers, 30 so far today GMT.

        Each month 2m people do not visit my channel at all, they watch part of or all of a video, likes or dislike (both have increased).

        From My Adwords..

        All Time Stats

        All but deleted video campaigns Total Impressions 53,851,222

        Views 4,426,049

        CPV £0.04

        Total Cost £158,429.81

        % of Video Played 25%=16% 50%=9% 75%=7% 100%=6%

        Each month Adwords give away millions free views. I suppose my comment does sound like a SPAM or a get rich quick scheme etc. but I am not selling anything just stating why I am giving BBTV a chance for the next three months & why I got peed off with Google.

        It would be nice if I thought that I was getting ad revenue from all the 144k views that my channel got yesterday, but that would be like having my cake and eating it.

        I would love to let the world know & see my channel but such a comment could quite easily backfire & Google Adwords close down my free ads.

        If you a search, there are plenty of other channels receiving free views via Adwords, it is just having the eureka moment!

        • I’d actually like more information on this subject, can you explain exactly what using adwords is doing for you, and how to go about it?

          • Google Adsense rumbled me this week and alas my free views stopped.

            Google actually cancelled the Adsense account this week , although I can still access it, it is now inoperable, if I want to recommence I must contact them, no thanks.

            My Youtube Channel is DurhamTelly, Social Blade or similar will show you my recent stats, to prove that it was I was not bulling.

            Sorry, that I couldn’t tell you previously, the loop-hole that I found may have already been repaired, but I doubt it.?

            In the end I received 83m free video impressions, 7m+ extra views & I gained 2000 extra subscribers and the adds would have cost me £265,000 or $450,000 not bad for three months work.

            The worst part of it all was the number of thumbs down.

            My Youtube Fan Finder Ads are tops though!

            If I could make money out of the system, then I would but so would everyone else & Google would close the bug, if they have not already.

            As I said previously, I got one over on the big boys, that’ll teach em!

            You are welcome to drop me a line via my channel. Alan

            P.S. I enjoyed your blog!

  37. Thank you very much for taking the time to post this review and everyone’s responses. I’ve been approached by BBTV and had no idea what it was until reading this. I really appreciate it.

  38. Thanks for this. I make a modest amount off YouTube, and a lot more from people buying my premium video courses after seeing my free stuff on YouTube. I got approached by these people, and won’t be signing with them after hearing this! Unless I end up with terrible YouTube problems. But even then, it’s nice to have as full control over your channel as possible.

  39. Thanks for the information. Broadband (Viso) just reached out to my channel regarding a partnership. Definitely will try looking elsewhere.
    HOWEVER, you forget that AdSense is tremendously flawed. Unless you get a significant amount of regular views on YouTube (Aka, a YouTube star with millions of subscribers and views per video) Google doesn’t give a flying bleep about you.
    Google also has a reputation of taking the money earned from AdSense accounts they disable right before payout. (And disabling the accounts right before payout time)
    Obviously they have to protect their partners who provide the ads, however, the system they have in place for those with disabled counts to try and appeal and get your account back, is pure sh**.
    They don’t care about any of the moderate to low view YouTubers. Even if you’ve spent tremendous amounts of time building an audience over the years since you started on YouTube, working on your stop motion craft to the point where people comment saying it’s one of the best looking stop motion channels on the internet, and accumulating over 500,000 consistent and amazing subscribers/fans/viewers during that time, while also spending hours looking up every single rule as to what is considered copyright and fair use to keep your videos free of all 3rd party content to show your dedication to Google, they don’t care.
    And then you have your AdSense taken away for “Invalid Activity,” and due to the limited amount of control over YouTube channels when it comes to monitoring ads/profit, you don’t have a definite idea why it happened. In my case, I had a video go viral, pulling in ten times the amount of views my videos get on average. (Usually they get around 250,000 in the first week and will get to 1,000,000 within a month or two each) This video got to 5,000,000 within one week and sat at 30,000,000 after one month.
    My monthly profit of AdSense was enough to live off. I won’t share the actual numbers since I’ve always been a good partner and followed all the rules, unlike others (Hint hint), however like I said, I was making an actual living off YouTube. My dream job, getting to make my own stop motion animated series.

    Then when that video started going viral I saw my estimated earnings nearly triple for that month. I was ecstatic. Then one day before it was my next paycut, when I was due to make in fact four times as much as I normally did per month, I got the dreaded “Your account has been disabled for invalid activity,” message.

    Obviously I appealed. I was denied, and given the automated message. I tried to appeal again and again and again and again, but of course, they just resend that same message.

    So now, JOBLESS, I had to pick up three part time jobs in order to keep paying rent and to live off of. (And I don’t care what those of you who will say “That’s why you shouldn’t rely on YouTube for profit, it’s not a viable source of income or a real job.” You are in fact wrong. HUNDREDS if not closer to the THOUSANDS live off YouTube profit. Especially the bigger YouTubers. It IS a viable job/income source.

    However, when accounts are taken away without warning, without any sign of something being wrong, with a second chance to maybe fix whatever it is that’s going wrong, it is just downright disgusting.

    Nevertheless, I wasn’t going to let the evil empire, Google win. I read online you can still make profit on YouTube, by joining a network, via partnership. Since many of them connect your YouTube account to their own AdSense or similar system.

    So I decided to do that. I had to make a brand new channel and try to carry over as many of my subscribers and fans as I could. But down the drain went all the years of hard work in terms of views and memories of my original channel.

    I left most of the older videos of mine on that channel and made a video to lure them over to my new channel, briefly explaining that there was an issue with the account.

    I ended up getting about 300,00 subscribers to follow me the new channel and the average views per video has also slightly fallen, not by a lot though.
    I reuploaded the viral video and it’s now sitting at 15,000,000.

    I got contacted by Viso like you mentioned (In addition to a few other networks that I’m looking into)
    But I plan on partnering with one of these networks to start making profit off YouTube again.

    It won’t be nearly as much since it’s less views, at a split revenue %, AND I’m still working two part time jobs (transitioning from 2 part to one full soon, both retail) so I won’t have as much free time unfortunately.

    I wrote all of this because I’d just like to warn people NOT to sign up with AdSense, UNLESS you are POSITIVE that you will soon become a HUGE YouTuber (as in over 1,000,000 subscribers and MANY views)
    Otherwise Google doesn’t care about you, and the amount of people who are wrongly disabled (AdSense) is continuously rising. Obviously there are those who actually deserve the disabling, but if you’re one of those biggots who sits there and says “Everyone who has their account disabled deserves it,” well you’re a moron to put it frankly. That’s like saying everyone who was every in court on trial was guilty.

    I know it’s impossible for Google to respond to every appeal in a fair and actually decent way, rather than just having a robot or some intern quickly glance over the cases looking for key words or just looking for “How much money does this channel make for my boss?”
    But they could at least improve the system. I don’t CARE if I would have to wait 6 months for a proper appeal case to be looked into and reviewed. Rather than getting the denied appeal back within a few days.
    I mean, it’s not like Google isn’t rich enough to afford a few more interns to look over the cases.
    WE are making Google money, not the people putting the ads up. Without US, they don’t views. Without views, they don’t get any offers from companies wanting ads on the videos with views. AKA, WE, us YOUTUBERS, especially us who have been around since the beginning DESERVE BETTER

    • Thanks for your insight and sorry for your experience with Adsense. That would greatly piss me off if that happened to me. I understand better that these networks open an opportunity for those ignored or blocked by google. and that is good. Just that they lie about that you will get more money than adsense. They don’t need to lie about it, as they are hope for many ignored by google adsense.

    • Hi. Why did you have to make a new youtube channel? If your adsense account is closed, can’t you just take your previous popular youtube channel to another adsense account or to a MCN like Broadband? Google only closed your adsense account right? Not your whole youtube channel? I’m a little bit confused. 🙂

      • This is not correct. Once your AdSense account gets banned you lose all control over the monetization settings in YouTube. You cannot change the account and are at the mercy of the appeal process.

    • I had the same problem with Google Adsense. I also had their ads on my website. They claimed that something was not okay with my website, I did not have any problems with my YouTube videos. So, as Google cancelled my Adsense account and stopped the monetization, no network was able to partner my old channel. But Broadband TV offered me to partner me right away if I opened a new channel with no subscribers at all. At first, it went wrong but then – after four months – it worked and I stayed three years with Broadband TV. Then I went to Maker Gen who released me. So I will have to find another network now. I was thinking of Fullscreen or AwesomenessTV.

  40. Hi Electro Boom,
    Thanks for the article. I was contacted by a rep at Viso and had to do some digging. I have been making videos for a little over a year and it is starting to take shape. I wasn’t too happy with some of the reviews and they were offering a 60/40 split which for sure made me think twice i don’t make that much to give 40% away even with a networks backing. From what i read there is no real support but the software which i am content with what i have. I will wait and keep it adsense for now until i get an offer i can’t refuse. lol

  41. What a terrible article. You have no idea how YouTube works. Typical bonehead signing things he doesn’t understand, and complaining with things that make zero sense. You can’t blame MCN’s for your lack of understanding. This is so littered with inaccuracies I can’t even bother to tackle address them. Wow

    • Well instead of flaming on him for being wrong, how about adding in some constructive criticism? I am in no way good with money-making off of youtube (I don’t even have a channel) but you are coming off very rude.

    • Hi John,

      Lack of understanding what? They told me I would make more money than Google Adsense, and I made half the money I would make from Google for the same months. So… I made less money. Then what’s the point of joining an MCN if you are making less money? Of course I only experimented with BBTV. Maybe other MCNs are more reliable.

  42. Hi! Nice article. I do not want to say who I am, but I own many youtube channels with millions of views. I’m leaving one network now, and the other channels are with plain ol’ Adsense. Adsense, it’s is #1 by far! Why sign your Adsense account over to some third party company in 2014? If you are playing video games, this is a different story, because they protect most video game content. If you are not a gamer, do not sign with any third party network partner period! In my opinion they are nothing but leaches sucking off of creators youtube revenue. It makes zero sense. My Adsense youtube account out performed and grew faster every time. Trust me on that!

  43. Hi, I found your article(YouTube Network Providers) very useful and interesting. Maybe you could make a video for people interested in becoming YT content providers like myself. You could include tips and what to do/not to do. I think even a boring topic would be entertaining when done by you. You must get alot of requests for videos, so i hope you dont mind my suggestion.

    Looking forward to more of your videos in future

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