How to Make Proper Wiring Connections

Just make the connections according the plan and you will be fine…

You thought it would be that easy, eh?! Even when you have a complete map in front of you, it is still easy to mess things up. Let me share some tips about making connections that may save you from death, or at least from some hassle.

  • Make sure you fully understand the plan before you start. I myself am one of those guys that starts putting things together right away and then close to the end realizes that something had to be done at the beginning if the design was completely studied. Don’t do it!
  • Don’t compromise. Use what is in the design, or you may break things, unless you are a fully knowledgeable designer yourself.
  • When putting the wires together, make sure you always connect the power supply last. You don’t want to play with live wires when going through connections. Didn’t you watch the video?!
  • Whenever you want to test your connections, start with a low power into the circuit. It is very likely that you have made a wrong connection and going to full power can blow things up. Raise the power when you made sure everything is fine.
  • Don’t try to save your equipment, components or your circuit by sacrificing yourself. It’s never worth it.
  • Of course, when you are dealing with high voltage, always use protective gear to isolate yourself from high voltage.
  • Why are you even doing all these dangerous stuff? Just leave it to an expert! You think you are a DIY guy? Think about your kids man!

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