Giveaways to My Patrons

I know my patrons support me because they like my content, want to see more and help me to achieve it, but as much as you might be entertained watching my videos, I get entertained reading your comments. So we are kind-of even already! That’s why I try to also have awards and giveaways to my patrons of above $10 pledge, to get out of their shame (that’s an Iranian expression, meaning to return the favor or something)!

Of course the giveaways are in addition to other awards they are entitled to and not a replacement.

And here’s how I setup my giveaway system. These rules may change at anytime to whatever I feel like!

  • Giveaways are random things from my circuits to products some companies might like to provide and are not related to patron’s pledge. Also the availability is random.
  • Patrons above $10 will be included in a draw to win the giveaway
  • The more the pledge is, the more tickets the patron has in the draw. Every $10 is one ticket.
  • One month of pledge is enough to be in the draw for that month.
  • You have to be a patron of course to be in the draw!
  • To be fair to everyone, I will draw at the end of each month and include the patrons who are charged for the month in the draw.
  • I ask the winner if they want the giveaway and will wait for 2 days for them to respond. If they don’t, I’ll re-draw and choose a new winner and repeat.
  • There might be a limitation of what can be shipped where. For example I can’t ship plutonium to North Korea. In such cases, sorry, but I will have to re-draw to find a winner who can receive the giveaway.

Thanks everyone for for your support.