To all crazy engineers out there, you are not alone!

Frankly, engineering is partly fun and mostly boring stuff like testing and documentation. It only takes a healthy dose of craziness to make everything fun and you also learn more, sometimes!

Just don’t forget, I am a professional and know what I am doing most of the times! But if you try what I show, you may get badly injured or even die! So don’t try to do what I do at home. Just learn by watching.

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64 thoughts on “About

  1. i have a proposel about a video for inductive coupling. like if i add a very small coil to the end of a small power bulb like we use in decoration lights (not led but bulb), how much power or frequency is required on another coil sitting say 2 inch away to light that bulb, the coil attached to the bulb should be very small like say 30-50 rounds and made up of very small wire.

  2. MEHDI, WE LOVE YOU !!!!!

    Your videos have taught us so much about electricity, and we are not electricians or engineers. You’re super funny, super smart, and a great teacher. I read that you’re an electrical engineering professor, and you’re the best teacher I have ever known about in my life (your personality, your wisdom, your humor, etc.). Please keep making videos, but don’t hurt yourself. :-)

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  4. I watched your “High Voltage AC/DC Effect on Human Body” video. Thank you for posting it because I didn’t that high voltage of DC can pass across human body without much damage. Keep up the great work.

  5. Please wear safety goggles when exploding things, it’s a good idea and you can show the damage to the lenses after the explosion, very educational. For larger explosions please invest in a full face shield. The slapstick humor is of course excellent but I also really like the more subtle stuff, for example when you changed your brakes you put on gloves which got progressively shredded but you never addressed that. Genius.

  6. Hello from Russia =)
    I’m radiophysicist. And your video is very funny!
    I understand that it’s look like a comedy, but take care of yourself =)
    Thank you!

  7. Mehdi,
    I love your videos! Thank you very much for the entertainment and education!
    P.S. And special thanks to RWJ for introducing me to you :)

  8. Without electrocuting yourself, could you explain what 3 phase service, or power is? I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed. Love the video’s. Thank you for teaching us all.

  9. The videos and acting are fantastic! When I can see through the tears of my laughter, I actually learn something. The PWM diagram somehow sunk into my memory.

    I have been trying to learn electronics (as a biologist). I am impressed how fast the processors can make measurements. For example, a ultrasonic range detector can make some numerous measurements every second. It might make a humor-filled learning video by setting up a fast moving actuator to test the limits on the speed of measurements.

    BTW, West Coast or East Coast?

  10. Mehdi,

    What do you do for a living? I recently got a job as an Electronics Engineering Tech and I’m loving it!

  11. love your stuff, and you have a cool work place!! one day i wish to be surrounded with stuff like yours…

    some ideas
    Can you show what happens when you reverse the current on a capacitor
    can you pass current through a gas like argon?
    can you over spin a DC motor or AC motor?
    why is 3 phase more efficient? does 477 VAC hurt?
    does water in an isolated container act as a capacitor or resistance and if you have pure h2o is it less or more conductive. (browns gas)
    unfortunately i know the answers to most of these but they could be fun for others.

  12. Dude… Thanks to you I am even more proud to be an geek !!!

    Keep on experimenting in the name of science !!

    Here is a suggestion ….watch an LED go through the different colors of death after applying a voltage above spec !!

    • “The colors of death” on LEDs are very nice.
      So if you just do not have the right colors at hand: overvoltage some red or white ones….

  13. I’ve gotta ask, are those mistakes real or staged for “educational/comedic purposes”?
    I can’t tell if you’re ballsy or dumb.
    A riot either way! Cheers!
    Engineer Hard or Die Trying

    • Of course I am ballsy, who ever admits they are dumb?!
      Well, I know what I am doing (I hope!) and try my best not to hurt myself. So if you can’t tell, it means I am a good actor!

  14. Keep up the awesome work . Your videos are AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME! Your videos are fun and educational and good way to learn about physics.You make physics seem interesting and fun. I can’t wait to see more of your crazy physics videos :D

  15. It’s 3 AM and I almost peed a little watching your videos. I mean, a lot of it is simple “don’t cross wires” stuff but still. I cried a little during the “This is not steve. Wrong number” bit.

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