To all crazy engineers out there, you are not alone!

Frankly, engineering is partly fun and mostly boring stuff like testing and documentation. It only takes a healthy dose of craziness to make everything fun and you also learn more, sometimes!

Just don’t forget, I am a professional and know what I am doing most of the times! But if you try what I show, you may get badly injured or even die! So don’t try to do what I do at home. Just learn by watching.

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  1. Could you do a video about converting 230v 50hz to 110v 60hz (vice versa). There are a lot of populair products like hair clipper from the us that won’t work here in europe.

  2. Hey ElectroBoom, can you please make a video on how to make a simple pop filter for a microphone? In my country all of them cost like 20$ 😀

  3. Hello, can you make a video about 120 V 60 Hz to 230 V 50 Hz conversion or vice versa.

    Another idea: open up or make your own circuit breaker.

  4. Hi Mehdi,
    I noticed that you wear your wedding ring while doing your demonstrations. This can be dangerous. I have a scar on my ring finger and a plastic bag where I keep the fused pieces of my engagement and wedding rings. For more information on this you can Google
    car battery injury ring
    You’ve done a lot to raise awareness about the dangers of electricity. Maybe you could do an article on this.

  5. Hello Mr.
    I try to do my best in typing English, oké.
    I month ago I ordered 1 T-shirt with a FULL BRIDGE RECTEFIRE, but I don’t received it yet.
    Can you do something about it, it costs €30 so a lot of money.
    I hope you can check for me if it is send to me.
    Thx and bye.

  6. Can you do an episode on ignition coil packs for cars, and whether or not “performance” ones are notably better than their cheap amazon counterparts?

    I will help you source the parts for your car to test these.

  7. Can you help me make a spaceship that protects the inhabitants of all the space radiations also features life support for at least 1000 years?

  8. Mr. Electroboom, I’m entering my senior year in electrical engineering with a focus in CPU architecture. Thanks for being an inspiration.

  9. Dear Mr. Sadaghhar,

    Thank you for creating the most entertaining and vital videos I have ever seen before in your singularly innovative, exciting genre !

    With humility and admiration for your clear understanding of the field, I intend to share your work with all who can benefit. I worship the ground you walk on.

    No puns intended,

  10. I just want to tell you, I’ve decided to go back to school to become an engineer because of you! Thank you for changing my life.

  11. After watching your videos, I wish you’d been around decades ago when I was in Engineering school. Alas, I became a software engineer –
    Your videos are amazing, and should be a must-watch for all EEs, especially power electrical engineering. My Dad would have loved these videos. Thanks.

  12. Dude , i Love your How To Shave Your Mustache Video … couldn’t stop laughing. you are welcome to visit my shop any time for FREE Shave !!!
    one Question Though > can i use your video and add my barber shop name on it ? LOL 🙂

  13. Hi Medhi!! I love your blog!!!

    I have a small request!
    Can you create a list of tools and parts to start a mini-crazy engineer lab!!

    Crazy Engineer

  14. Hello mehdi I’m alireza I have 14 years old I live in iran I really love your videos Are you can speak persian If you can please answer to my question Thanks

  15. Dear Everyone,
    I am a saler ,work in a Electronic Compnents Company for 5 months in China, we producing General Purpose Rectifiers,Bridge Rectifiers,Schottky Barrier Rectifiers and SMD Rectifiers,But still now I don’t have any orders,so I am very worried.We opened the aliaba trade site one month ago,but no progress.I really don’t know what can I do.BTW, I want to make friends with guys,it can also improve my english.
    My Phone Number: 8615961143842


  16. My husband and I love your videos. I’m wondering though… What does your wife think of all your videos and projects?

  17. Hi sir i am ur big fan on youtube i am willing to make wireless webcam from old wired webcam for security purposes so please tell me ho do i make this

    i want to consult you about and i have many ideas for you please mail me i am waiting for your mail


  18. Hello,Mr Mehdi.I am a college student and come from China.I thought you are my great teacher in electrical field.However ,your funny and precious video can’t spread into China by YouTube and Facebook,beacause the China Ministry of industry don’t allow browse those web site.Although I still can see the video in some web,I sincerely advise you can use some web,such as weibo ,youku,etc.It’s easy to commuicate in those way.Thanks you for making such funny and meaningful videos.Many chinese students would love them in the future.My English is no so good but thanks your teach,hh.

  19. What would happen if you used a 800,000 Volt Stun gun a shocked a appliance that was plugged into a 110v home outlet.

    The appliance lets say is using 24v 2.5amp from its DC power supply

  20. hey mehdi.s first things first i love your videos but i would also like you to help me make the slayer circuit my 2n2222a transistor keeps heating and soon after blows up and iam not able to make the circuit work my circuit is a 12 volt circuit.should i buy a transistor of different number, please help . your videos are amazing and funny continue to upload more videos .

    • you should check the resistor on the base of the transistor. most transitors need an voltage of 0.6v. if you have more the blow up.

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  22. Pretty component of content. I just stumbled upon your
    web site and in accession capital to say that I acquire actually loved account your blog posts.

    Any way I will be subscribing to your augment and even I achievement you
    get admission to persistently fast.

  23. Hi Mehdi

    I am 14 years old and I´m in love with electrical engeneering, and I watch your vids every day and I really really like them, you mix formal explainings with so nice humor.

    thanks to you i learned how not to burn my ass to the moon and the safety measures I need to take. Dude I love your vids keep on like that you are awesome.

  24. Hello Mehdi, I am a senior year electrical engineering student and i was wondering if you could help me find an idea for my senior project. i really need to be creative and i think you’re the man for the job !

  25. Hey! just wanted to leave a quick comment that I really enjoy your videos. They’re informative and very entertaining, keep up the great work!

  26. Hi,

    I’m in Burnaby and was wondering if I could hire you to help me get more life out of my coast headlamp.

    They advertise battery life to be 3hrs on bright and more than 7 on low.

    I use the headlamp at work (automotive mechanic) but I find that after 1.5hrs that I need to swap the batteries. It’s a pain in the ass to have to constantly swap 3 aaa batteries.

    I’m hoping that with your electronics background, that you might be able to design & integrate a bigger battery pack so that I can use the headset for 3-5hrs at full brightness, without having to recharge. The bigger pack would still need to retain charging capability.

    I love your channel… but play safe!



    • Hi Thomas,

      Sorry I don’t have much extra time for serious work, except for my videos! But PDE.com guys are in Burnaby too, they are my good friends. You can ask them for help if it is a serious project.

  27. Hello,

    We were having a discussion at work regarding the taste of electricity. By putting your tounge on a battery you taste metal when teh current flows through you, but I assume this is the tate of the battery itself.

    Is there any chance you could shed some light on our conundrum?

    • 🙂 I don’t know if that taste is categorized yet! It tastes like ionized saliva mixed with metal and pain!

  28. I have collect few microwave, wash machine for salvage parts

    Watch your video few time, but like to know exact which part I can salvage and how to connect parts to make 120vac to 24vdc converter.

    Could you explain it? Thanks.

  29. DUDE! I JUST FU**ING LOVE YOUR VIDEOS!! You’re like THE COOLEST TEACHER EVEEEEER! But tell me something; did you study at Sharif?? What was your major back then? And please update more videos soon! I wish there were more people like you! Keep up the good work.

  30. I must congratulate you on your approach to many electronics topics. I am an instructor of Electronics at a local Institute of Technology, and since I found your videos, I have been treating my students to the humor and education of your work.
    Thank you for all your effort and knowledge, and please keep up the contributions…they are very much appreciated and respected.

      • Hi sir i am ur big fan on youtube i am willing to make wireless webcam from old wired webcam for security purposes so please tell me ho do i make this

        i want to consult you about and i have many ideas for you please mail me i am waiting for your mail


  31. Hi, I really enjoy your videos and explanations. And a huge thanks for all the things you put on this site. But I would like to give you a suggestion, I am a student and still learning electricity but I am very interested in induction heating. I have read a lot of threads but it would be awesome to hear it from you. If you would make an explanation of it I would be sure to make one at home. Please try an DIY induction heater. Thanks.

  32. Your demos/experiments and comedy are even better than Mythbusters. I can hardly breathe while watching your videos. <3 your Youtube channel!

  33. Hi Mehdi. I am very interested in electricity and would like to know more about it. Like super simple stuff. The use of every component and other things. Is there a place on this website where I can find the basics of electricity?

  34. Hello Mehdi,

    I am an engineering student from the Vancouver area as well. I think that your videos are really well done, hilarious and informative! I wanted to say thanks for making such entertaining videos and putting the time and effort into each one! I would really enjoy seeing a video about the work you do as an electrical engineer. It could talk about some of the different things you do and maybe where you went to university. (Q&A video perhaps). As a student its inspiring to hear from those who are passionate about what they do. You are very talented as an engineer and an entertainer. Thanks!



  35. Hi Mehdi,

    A friend shared your FOOOLL bridge rectifier video with me yesterday and I love it!!! I went ahead and spent all day yesterday watching all your videos – they’re both educational but mostly, hilarious!

    Your “mistakes” remind me of one day when ants infested my DSLR camera. I popped open the flash unit to find that the ants also ate away at the insulation for the flash strobe wires. For some dumb reason, I touched it. “Aaaiighhh!! *Expletive*” I then realized I forgot to take the battery out of the camera. Stupid me. So I took the battery out and then touched it again. “Aaaaiiighh!! *More expletives*” I then figured the camera was demon-possessed so sent it away to a service center. It turns out that the capacitors weren’t discharged even though I took out the battery.

    I’m studying Aircraft Electronics in college now and I think I have a much better idea how electricity, AC and DC, works. Your videos help me get through my Electronics homework. Thanks!

  36. hello mehdi, nice videos ur make..learned a lot in ur video,
    i was just wandering if can this be happen:
    by using the schematics in this website, a field effect transistor(FET) and uses as electric charge detector. then use the electric charge detector to detect lightning discharge by electric interference during lightning storm..
    if i’m not mistaken, this can be use to detect electrical discharge in the air and use a resistor and a voltmeter to record the reading the electrical discharge..
    i just want to hear whats ur opinion about this..
    i would like to built some,but i just cant find the MPF102 Field Effect Transistor (FET) in my country..need some advice from someone expert.

    • It could work, but I would add some more components. A series 820 Ohm resistor with LED to make sure it is current limited and doesn’t kill the transistor, and another one, 1M or more from transistor gate to ground to ensure the transistor discharges and turns off when there is no charge.

    • Experiments and Wikipedia are very good tools. One of the books that I loved was Technique Pulse in electronics. I don’t remember name of my other books from those days.

  37. i have a proposel about a video for inductive coupling. like if i add a very small coil to the end of a small power bulb like we use in decoration lights (not led but bulb), how much power or frequency is required on another coil sitting say 2 inch away to light that bulb, the coil attached to the bulb should be very small like say 30-50 rounds and made up of very small wire.

  38. MEHDI, WE LOVE YOU !!!!!

    Your videos have taught us so much about electricity, and we are not electricians or engineers. You’re super funny, super smart, and a great teacher. I read that you’re an electrical engineering professor, and you’re the best teacher I have ever known about in my life (your personality, your wisdom, your humor, etc.). Please keep making videos, but don’t hurt yourself. 🙂

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    Dear Mehdi, Hi
    Your fascinating design makes me very surprised, it is clever. And thanks about the clear demonstration.
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  40. I watched your “High Voltage AC/DC Effect on Human Body” video. Thank you for posting it because I didn’t that high voltage of DC can pass across human body without much damage. Keep up the great work.

  41. Please wear safety goggles when exploding things, it’s a good idea and you can show the damage to the lenses after the explosion, very educational. For larger explosions please invest in a full face shield. The slapstick humor is of course excellent but I also really like the more subtle stuff, for example when you changed your brakes you put on gloves which got progressively shredded but you never addressed that. Genius.

  42. Hello from Russia =)
    I’m radiophysicist. And your video is very funny!
    I understand that it’s look like a comedy, but take care of yourself =)
    Thank you!

  43. Mehdi,
    I love your videos! Thank you very much for the entertainment and education!
    P.S. And special thanks to RWJ for introducing me to you 🙂

  44. Without electrocuting yourself, could you explain what 3 phase service, or power is? I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed. Love the video’s. Thank you for teaching us all.

  45. The videos and acting are fantastic! When I can see through the tears of my laughter, I actually learn something. The PWM diagram somehow sunk into my memory.

    I have been trying to learn electronics (as a biologist). I am impressed how fast the processors can make measurements. For example, a ultrasonic range detector can make some numerous measurements every second. It might make a humor-filled learning video by setting up a fast moving actuator to test the limits on the speed of measurements.

    BTW, West Coast or East Coast?

  46. Mehdi,

    What do you do for a living? I recently got a job as an Electronics Engineering Tech and I’m loving it!

  47. love your stuff, and you have a cool work place!! one day i wish to be surrounded with stuff like yours…

    some ideas
    Can you show what happens when you reverse the current on a capacitor
    can you pass current through a gas like argon?
    can you over spin a DC motor or AC motor?
    why is 3 phase more efficient? does 477 VAC hurt?
    does water in an isolated container act as a capacitor or resistance and if you have pure h2o is it less or more conductive. (browns gas)
    unfortunately i know the answers to most of these but they could be fun for others.

  48. Dude… Thanks to you I am even more proud to be an geek !!!

    Keep on experimenting in the name of science !!

    Here is a suggestion ….watch an LED go through the different colors of death after applying a voltage above spec !!

    • “The colors of death” on LEDs are very nice.
      So if you just do not have the right colors at hand: overvoltage some red or white ones….

  49. I’ve gotta ask, are those mistakes real or staged for “educational/comedic purposes”?
    I can’t tell if you’re ballsy or dumb.
    A riot either way! Cheers!
    Engineer Hard or Die Trying

    • Of course I am ballsy, who ever admits they are dumb?!
      Well, I know what I am doing (I hope!) and try my best not to hurt myself. So if you can’t tell, it means I am a good actor!

  50. Keep up the awesome work . Your videos are AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME! Your videos are fun and educational and good way to learn about physics.You make physics seem interesting and fun. I can’t wait to see more of your crazy physics videos 😀

  51. It’s 3 AM and I almost peed a little watching your videos. I mean, a lot of it is simple “don’t cross wires” stuff but still. I cried a little during the “This is not steve. Wrong number” bit.

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